10 Ways To Keep Your Shag Rug As Good As New

Once you’ve acquired your ideal shag rug with just the right characteristics to perfectly accentuate your home or apartment features, you will now need to keep that beauty looking good. Fortunately, you can keep your new shag rug beautiful for years to come by following these 10 easy tips.

1. Remove or disengage the beater brush from your vacuum to extend the life of your rug, even with routine vacuuming.

2. Flip your rug over so that the shag is facing the bottom, and vacuum the back side with the beater bar activated. Vacuuming the back dislodges dirt trapped between the fibers. Roll up the rug again, remove the debris and dirt from the floor. Repeat this process twice. Finally, reposition the rug with shag side up.

3. Never walk on your beautiful shag with shoes on. You can also ask your guests to remove their shoes before walking on the shag. It’s only polite!

4. Make sure to keep children with liquids (and adults with beverages that stain, such as wine) away from natural fiber shags. If there is a spill, apply dry carpet cleaning powder immediately and follow the package instructions for best use.

5. Use the comb vacuum attachment, the hand comb or a brush for routine cleaning.

6. Clean stained spots on acrylic rugs with clean white towels and a stain remover. Place one towel underneath the rug and lightly spray another towel with the stain remover then gently wipe each stained fiber. Allow for it to air dry before using the rug.

7. Never put the shag rug in the washer or dryer!

8. Clean all area rugs at least once a year.

9. Restore the fluff every now and then by gently brushing the fibers with a soft brush.

10. Hang your rug out in sunlight for a couple of hours twice a year to kill any mold and bacteria that may harm your fibers.

Return to these tips every time your shag rug looks like it needs a Clean-me-up treatment, and you’ll be enjoying this timeless beauty for years!