We welcome you to our wonderful gallery of glamorous custom indoor – outdoor rug designs.

Russell Edition is America’s leading Rug Company, providing an array of beautiful luxury rugs and delivering them to a number of countries in the world. We specialize in traditional rugs, contemporary rugs and transitional rugs made from the world’s finest fibers. We have a vast selection of prepossessing rugs in diverge shapes, sizes, colors and designs.
Russell Edition works with the finest rug manufacturers in the world, located in China, Nepal, India and Thailand. All of our rugs are “Handmade” by highly skilled Artisans who use the finest quality materials when creating rugs, incorporating modern techniques within their traditional methods.
We would like to present to you just a few of the outdoor/indoor area and indoor textured rug designs that look like natural weaves. These rugs are made from the highest quality fibers such as wools, silks, bamboo silk, cashmere and mohair.

  • Nitro Romance Light

  • Nitro Romance

  • Deco_Series_JojoFloral

  • Shadow

  • Deco_Series_Circles

  • FantaC3

  • Bhuton_Chocolate

  • FantaCBlue

  • FantaC

  • Field of Dreams

  • Orange Crush


  • Remy Grey

  • Gayograph Dark

  • Gayograph Light

  • River3

  • Matata

  • Hakuna

  • Wave Texture

  • Double Diamond

  • Ocean12-Cancun

  • Ocean12

  • Aquafor

  • Danniella

  • Ocean11

  • Dannielle

  • Costeno

  • Clara

  • San Lorenzo ll

  • Amco

  • Broken Lines

  • Gingerleaf

  • River12

  • Alejandro October

  • Whisper gold Rugs

    Whisper Gold

  • Erasures Classic Beige

  • Erasures Plus

  • Laser Beam Rugs


  • Copenhagen Cream Rugs

    Copenhagen Beige

  • San Lorenzo Rugs

    San Lorenzo

  • Moonstruck

  • Kushaada

  • Balauallah

  • Bejul Blue

  • Lines on Canvas

  • Shell Party

  • Petal Party

  • Collage

  • Radient Burst

  • Night Waves

  • Orange Crush

  • Copenhagen Blue Rugs

    Copenhagen Blue

  • Tropical Mist

  • Pretty in Pink Rugs Dallas TX

    Pretty in Pink

  • Diamond Grid Rugs

    Diamond Plus

  • Sweet and Lou

  • Toulouse Rugs

    Toulouse Beige

  • Damask Classic

  • Van Halen

  • Lascaux Texture Rugs Austin TX

    Lascaux Texture

  • Fiocchi

  • Batista

  • Nouveautes Rugs in Texas

    San Lorenzo Grey

  • Blue Ombre

  • Toulouse Violet Rugs

    Toulouse Violet

  • Erasure Classic

  • Normandy Whisper Rugs

    Normandy Whisper

  • Aries Rugs


  • Copenhagen Cream Rugs

    Copenhagen Beige

  • Concordia

  • Rousseau Rugs


  • Persian Oriental Rugs Houston TX

    Kent Persian

  • Sunset Strip Rugs in Texas

    Sunset Strip

  • Afternoon Delight

  • Tropical Burst Rugs Houston

    Tropical Burst

  • Tropical Paradise

  • Leaves Rugs in Dallas


  • Tropical Delight Rugs in Houston

    Tropical Delight

  • Eruption Rugs


  • Calacatta

  • Ecorse

  • Happy Trails

  • San Lorenzo Gold

  • San Lorenzo Rugs

    San Lorenzo Grey

  • Cercles Rugs


  • Octagon #ht

  • Angles

  • Pillows

  • Diamants

  • Vitrail

  • Imbroglio #ht

  • Puzzle Pieces

  • Truscott #ht

  • Erasures jnk18 Beige

  • Erasures jnk19 Grey

  • Erasures Jnk 25 Green Rugs

    Erasures jnk25 Green

  • Erasures jnk11 Blue/Beige

  • Jnk 43 blue Rugs

    Erasures jnk43 Blue

  • Erasures jnk07 Blue

  • Toulouse Rugs


  • Toulouse Violet Rugs

    Toulouse Violet1

  • Rousseau Rugs


  • Normandy Whisper Rugs

    Normandy Whisper

  • Normandy Rugs


  • Copenhagen Cream Rugs

    Copenhagen Cream

  • Copenhagen Blue Rugs

    Copenhagen Blue

  • Concordia

  • Aries Rugs