10 Ways To Keep Your Shag Rug As Good As New

Once you’ve acquired your ideal shag rug with just the right characteristics to perfectly accentuate your home or apartment features, you will now need to keep that beauty looking good. Fortunately, you can keep your new shag rug beautiful for years to come by following these 10 easy tips. 1. Remove or disengage the beater […]

Considerations of Natural versus Synthetic Dyes

At first there were only natural dyes. Natural dye is any dye derived from nature through organic and inorganic materials and sources. Weavers used these dyes exclusively for thousands of years, and artists used these prehistoric dyes in 1850s and 60s. Before 1865, no one would have asked for any type of dye on a […]

History & methods of wool spinning for weaving rugs

The process of twisting together and drawing out massed short fibers into a continuous strand to constitute a pile of a rug is called “spinning.” It is known to be done by hand for the past thousands of years until machines were invented for that purpose. Spinning wool was almost an endless activity for girls […]