Weaves & Textures

Russell Edition has an extraordinary array of attractive textures and weaves for every possible use and style. From casual residential rugs to exotic artisan commercial rug designs that are unique and are available in various fibers like wool tweeds, soft cheniles and durable cottons. Our vast collection of woven yarns offer a style to suit you in a myriad of textiles of the finest quality. Choose from a variety of perfectly plain to richly decorative or crisply geometric weaves and textures. Our gorgeous array of dyed colored yarns will add texture and personality to your room in every shade imaginable.

At Russell Edition you are able to select any style of weaves and mix or match it with any texture or fiber. Flat weave, hand tufted, hand knotted and machine tufted, with so many types of weaves to choose from we are here to assist you in this exciting process.

Flat weaves are usually thinner than other styles of rugs since they have no pile and are often reversible. This makes it easier for them to be washed or wiped after a spill. This style of rug works wonderfully in dining rooms.  A common problem with rugs of high pile is the difficulty in sliding dining chairs in and out, which is why Flat-weave rugs have definitely carved out a niche market ensuring that having a seat at the dinner table is no longer a tug-of-war game with a thick rug.