Take pleasure in this stunning and vibrant traditional rug collection. Our traditional artisan created rugs are made with natural materials that last for generations and can withstand the test of time. Russell Edition’s traditional rugs can work equally well in an urban style apartment or in homes with an ethnic, tribal and global style as well as an eclectic bohemian apartment.

Available in a wide array of styles with an affordable price, our traditional rugs can define your living space with elegance and warmth.

Our collection of traditional rugs succor a modern aesthetic missing the human element. Its emphasis on rigid geometry with calm colors and minimal simplicity is a reflection of the industrial mind. Machines do not need decoration, as function is their sole concern. This modern tendency to add technology to our living and work space appeals to the introduction of traditional elements into modern design. When combined with a modern technological interior, a traditional wool rug can provide the foundation that characterizes modern aesthetics in both history and nature.

  • Elenour

  • Bhuton_Chocolate

  • Shaggy SilkyV

  • Lowrance Rugs


  • Reflections

  • Florence Shadow

  • Voltaire Rugs


  • Kensington Rugs


  • Golden Ponds Rugs

    Golden Ponds

  • Gold Vine Rugs

    Gold Vine

  • Angelica Rugs