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Nouveautes: Etymology: From Old French novelté; equivalent to nouveau +‎ -té.

Noun: nouveauté f (plural nouveautés) 1. A specific thing that is new 2. Newness; novelty.

Our Nouveautes rug designs are brand new and current. A collection of subtle and elegant contemporary hand knotted rugs that are finely crafted from traditional weaving methods. The designs shown here are individual and unique, and are a small proportion of our range. These designs represent nostalgic flavors while being exceptionally classy and elegant, and possess the ability to enhance a new space in a vibrant area.

This range fabricates warm ambiance in any interior through the use of natural materials such as wools, silks, bamboo silk, cashmere and mohair that is re-defining luxury in a modern world.

  • Ocean12

  • Gayograph_Light

  • Shaggy Blue Rugs

    Shaggy Blue Silk

  • Metallic Silk FW

  • Florence Shadow

  • Concordia Rugs


  • Rousseau

  • Dusk to Dawn Rugs in Austin, TX

    Dusk to Dawn

  • Behran Brown

  • Night Crawler

  • Midnight

  • A touch of blue

  • Batista #hk

  • Flat Weave Hexagon

  • New sample

  • New sample

  • New sample

  • New sample

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