Hand-knotted Wovens

Russell Edition’s Hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs are both made by hand. Each of them employ a unique weaving technique that affects their quality, texture, design complexity and price. Another benefit of hand knotted rugs is that they are primarily made from natural fibers such as wool and silk or a combination of both. These fibers are the most durable for carpet weaving. They are extraordinarily durable and can be cleaned easily. Not to mention, wool being an insulator as well as a flame retardant! This makes them safe and durable enough to continue to hold their lustre year after year.

Hand-knotted rugs are always of a higher caliber as the production process of these rugs is lengthier then most rugs and go through a more complex shearing process. These types of rugs have finer details and are made of higher quality wool. Its length must allow for a pile and excess to clip off and require more skilled artisans to design the finished product.

All hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs are unique with a combination of hues. Wool as you know is hair and is not the same color with every strand. This means when spun together and dyed it will not dye all the fibers the same color but have variations throughout. They create a natural more relaxed look that is as pretty from the back as it is from the front. This is a great way to identify whether or not a rug has been hand knotted. If you flip it over and take a look at the back you can see the same design and knots on the back of the rug.