Discover and fall in love with our collection of designer and contemporary rugs. Pleasureful soft furnishings, these hand-knotted woven, tufted or stitched rugs are works of art for your floor. Our rugs commend the interior design of whatever room you choose. Our contemporary rugs are available in neutral, primary and multicolor options. Beautifully made with the finest materials these patterns are layered and are complex, form alluring textured rugs that are perfect for your indoor or outdoor setting. Playing with waves and straight lines, Russell Edition’s distinctly modern aesthetic rugs are reflected in these designs, some of which are inspired by the constructivism movement.


  • Essentials

  • Ocean11

  • Elenour

  • Bhuton_Chocolate

  • Amco_Green

  • Clara

  • FantaC_sample

  • Shaggy Blue Rugs

    Shaggy Blue Silk

  • Metallic Silk Mini Stripe

  • Metallic Silk Stripe

  • Shaggy SilkyV

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  • Island Streams

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    Brook Pebbles